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Friday, February 11, 2005

Mr Carlisle, asleep @ My work place. I'm not kidding, he fell asleep right in front of me! Posted by Hello


Anonymous Maureen Power said...

This is a riot. Does he have that sleeping disease? Narcolepsy? Was he speaking to you?

12:44 PM

Anonymous Brian said...

Was he snoring? You should take more pictures of this guy!

8:21 AM

Anonymous Badoink said...

Is he drunk?

He looks like one.

4:23 PM

Anonymous Sam said...

This guy is awesome! Please more pictures of him. Does he do parties and bar mitzvahs?

11:21 AM

Anonymous Kelli Lemanski said...

I am graduating from college and would like this man to speak at my graduation.

11:42 AM

Anonymous Beth said...

I would like to have sex with this man. He is probably amazing in bed. I would let him teach me so many things it would be hot.

11:59 AM

Anonymous Gabrielle McKenzie said...

I am a virgin and I want this man to give me everything he has. I want him to be my first, please.

11:41 AM

Anonymous Kaz Sears said...

I bet this guy knows how to knife fight and ride Harleys. I want to pound some beers and bang some chicks with this guy – maybe even a little double team action. I’d have his back and he’d have mine.

5:22 PM

Anonymous Brian Berzinsky said...

I think I served hard time with this guy up in San Quentin. People feared this guy – the Mexicans, black, you name it. He got whatever he wanted especially respect. The cops didn’t run the prison, this guy did. I remember him well. I never crossed him because I knew this guy meant business.

11:30 AM

Anonymous Keith Austin said...

I almost positive this guy owns the Red Sox.

4:14 PM

Anonymous Pat Levy said...

I think this guy actually is coowner (not the sole owner) of the Red Sox with two other guys, Tom Werner and Larry Luchino. It's pretty obvious he has tons of cash and is in pretty select company. I live in Chicago but have been to a few games in Fenway on business trips and I saw him in the owner's box.

10:05 PM

Anonymous KEVIN JOHNSON said...


12:23 PM

Anonymous Sherri Woods said...

I think he gave me third input last night.

11:43 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This guy needs a domeski

4:04 PM

Anonymous Will Solomon said...

This guy taught me the donkey punch and cleveland steamer.

11:06 AM

Anonymous Ryan Sites said...

I am a gay man and a gay journalist and I just popped a boner to this guy. Can you tell me, is he a gay man too? I live in the Poconos and as a gay man and a gay journalist I have the opportunity to get away for the weekend. I would want to spend a weekend with him nestled in his arms talking about birds and other beautiful things.

6:36 PM

Anonymous Greg Magaw said...

Do you sell bobbleheads of this guy? I would like to buy two of them. One for my room and the other to beat the shit out of, just totally destroy it. This guy is a pig. And his bobblehead sucks!

4:54 PM

Anonymous Randy Gebremichael said...

This guy bangs hard. So hard. I am going to call him the hammer. Henry The Hammer - he's always banging. All the time. Always banging everything. I'd like to dry hump some naughty sluts with him. When we're done we would dry hump the furniture - chairs, bureaus, dressers, you name it. Then we'd dry hump anyone who tries to mess with us. We'd show them what is what. You mess with me and Henry The Hammer - we'll dry hump you. Hard. And when we finished dry humping you, we'll bang you. Real hard. Really really really hard.

10:04 AM

Anonymous Matt Ardamo said...

I used to trick or treat in Henry's neighborhood when I was a kid. He always gave us Ben-Wa Balls for Halloween. He showed us how to use them which was really cool.

1:42 PM


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