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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Here is my new 2005 Nissan x-terra! I've never had a new car before, let alone a car with air conditioning! Posted by Hello


Anonymous Shawn said...

Where is that in Falmouth? Not too familiar with the area and thought that Cape Cod was more beachy than mountains. Anyways, sweet vehicle! Take the XTerra to the limit and max it out!!

7:43 AM

Anonymous Jeremy Rowley said...

Dude, I just bought the Altima and I would smoke you on a closed course. Just bring it. I don't care who it is or what you drive, I have this thing sup'ed up big time. I'll ice all of you.

12:16 PM

Anonymous jeremy rowley said...

Dude, I challenged you to a race and you are duckin' me hard. I'll take it to your grill with my Altima fool. Believe it.

1:19 PM

Anonymous Jeremy Rowley said...

Dude, I'll lay a patch in your face. I've been sup'ing up my Altima.

1:24 PM

Anonymous Jeremy Rowley said...

I've got you running scared, dude. My Altima won first place for modern cars in The Fresno Car Show. I drove all the way from Tahoe with the windows down. Anytime, any place. I'll own your XTerra and I'll own you. Believe it. You mess with the best, you get burned in the dust like the rest. By the way, I can top 200 mph and not even think twice. I'm taking the XTerra down.

6:44 PM

Anonymous Jason Rowley said...

I'm brothers with Jeremy. I heard you've been duckin' him on closed and open race courses. I can vouch for him -- his Altima is totally sweet. It's s'uped up more than you can even imagine. You better recognize, fool.

6:46 PM

Blogger Jesman said...

Slow & stupid doesn't fall far from the tree!Brothers with a combined I.Q. of a dry bag of cement!

8:29 PM

Anonymous Jeremy Rowley said...

Dude, I want to introduce you to my best friend, dirt because that's where I'm going to leave you. Have you ever had a patch even laid in your face? I'll do it and you'll be begging for mercy. You crossed me for the last time. Your XTerra is going down!

2:08 PM

Anonymous Jeremy Rowley said...

No response - you chicken? I own you!

2:21 PM

Anonymous Jason Rowley said...

I am so sick of you dude. I have seen my brother race and his Altima is s'uped up beyond belief. He could race blindfolded and smoke you like a cigarette. We are coming for you whether you like it or not. You don't know how to race because you don't even have a s'uped up car. I bet you don't even have your license. We'll smoke you so bad you'll have smoke coming out of your ears.

7:45 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Altimas suck! What are you too cheap for a maxima? My grandma drives an altima and she will teabag you, biatch.

4:06 PM

Anonymous Jason Rowley said...

I don't hear you talking smack anymore now that my brother took first place in the Monaco Street Race. Nissan paid his way fool. They will never pay for you because the XTerra is slower than my Huffy. I can't wait until my brother smokes you like a Philly blunt with his Altima. When he's done, he'll turn around and lay a patch in your face you won't even know what hit you. Believe that. I bleed Altima dude.

4:19 PM

Anonymous Jeremy Rowley said...

Dude, you're lucky I've been in Europe that past few months winning mad loot with my Altima. But now I'm back and I'm ready to lay a patch in your face. Don't ever get up in my grille because I'm gonna slap the taste out yo mouth, fool! Helen Keller drives better than you!! The XTerra is overrated and it can't hang with the Altima. You hear that noise or are you deaf? It's the noise of my engine as I lap you twenty times in a time trial at Daytona. I'm making mad cash and dating mad hunnies -- all because of the Altima. You aren't even rolling six deep dude.

2:24 PM


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