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Saturday, June 25, 2005

A new sunset picture. I'm on a mission to get the best sunset picture ever shot! Posted by Hello


Anonymous Abraham said...

Hello, my name is Abraham. I have been married for forty two years to my wife Susan. My grandson showed me your picture of the sunset. I want to let you know an old saying my father used to say. "Life is a beach... then you marry one"! Just kidding, I am happily married and I hope you are too. Enjoy life and keep taking beautiful pictures of the sunset. I often walk with my wife Susan and our two dogs, Otis and Samson. We are retired and enjoying life!

6:36 PM

Anonymous John said...

I am Abraham's grandson. Please don't let my grandfather post anything on your website anymore.

9:47 AM

Anonymous Sue Carrol said...

I want to swim with you. I am a swimsuit model and have done photo shoots in the Caribbean. If I drown will you save me? The spot on the picture looks like a perfect place for us to go swimming. Please email me if you want to go swimming.

2:10 PM

Anonymous Abraham said...

Hello Jesse, it is me Abraham. My grandson won’t let me use the internet anymore. He found out I was on your websight and he is mad at both of us. I hope you are not mad at me for ratting you out. I would like to remain friends from the internet, but my grandson has a bad temper. He locked me in my room last night without dinner when he found out I was visiting your websight. He monitors everything I do and he will take no prisoners if he finds out what is going on.

4:26 PM

Blogger Jesman said...

Sue my dear, you need to leave me your E-mail adress if were going to go swimming! I will swim in the deep end with you! :)

9:47 PM

Anonymous John said...

I warned you once, now I am warning you for the last time. Do not let my grandfather post anything on your website or else you will pay the price. I have connections and I know people who know people.

5:04 PM


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