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Monday, July 11, 2005

(Chris) & (Jesman)Good morning everyone. I just want to inform all of you out there on the World Wide Web,that there is one more month to get you pics in for the first official Jesmans world Blog Babe contest! There have been hundreds of pictures submitted,and I'm down to 20 contestants. If you think you can represent this blog site, get in your pics!
Send pictures to jesmansworlds@hotmail.com


Anonymous Wendy Alene said...

I am a little overweight but would like to submit a photo. I tried emailing to the email on here and it didn't work. It got sent back to me. Please let me know if this email is correct I have: www.jesmansworlds@hotmail.com. It wasn't working, but I have pictures of myself at the beach that I want to submit.

9:54 PM

Anonymous Ryan Sites said...

Hello, I am a gay man and a gay journalist and I was wondering if I can submit photos for the contest.

10:13 PM

Blogger Christopher Trottier said...

Now I want to buy a car from you.

10:20 PM

Blogger Jesman said...

Hello Wendy, as far as I know, the E-mail account should work! try again & if it does not work,I will give you another E-mail adress to use.

10:56 PM

Anonymous Rena Sintella said...

Hi, I have done some modeling for designer clothes. I plan on sending some pics of me. Most of them are professionally done. Let me know if it's too late to send them or not. I would love to win this award.



11:02 PM

Blogger Jesman said...

Hello Rena, it is not too late to win the award. I have gotten about thirty or so pics from woman all over the world! The contest is going on for another month or so. Please feel free to send the pics! www.jesmansworlds@hotmail.com

10:52 AM

Anonymous Mandy Hilson said...

Is it okay to send nude pictures or do I have to send pics of me in clothes?

11:08 AM

Blogger Jesman said...

Mandy, if you choose to send nude photo's
I'm not going to stop you! There have been nudes submitted,I don't post them,& if your the winner you will be photographed in the Jesmans worlds tee shirt!

12:55 PM

Anonymous Megan Ware said...

Hi Jesman,

i love the site. i want to send you pics of me in my hot tub with just my top on. My friends think i should be a model and i hope you will like what i give you when i send the pics tonight. i saw you like nude pics so i will send some of these too. hugs and kisses, meg

7:16 PM

Blogger Jesman said...

Nice! Megan you might be in the running!
Bring on the pics, so your dream of becoming jesmans first official blog babe,can become a reality!

11:07 PM

Anonymous Shannon Richards said...

Hello Jesman, I am in process of putting hot pics in and scanning them into my computer. You should receive them later today. I want to let you know that I love to bang.

7:39 AM

Anonymous Mary Moaner said...

Hi Jesman,

I am new to softcore porn and I want your audience to win a date with me. I have tons of pictures of me with multiple guys and in multiple positions. I am sure one of the contestants would love to here me MOAN in person and see why they call me Mary Moaner.

7:39 AM

Anonymous Morganna West said...

I'm a stripper at Crazy Horse in Vegas. Can I send in pics of me or do I have to be from your state? I have implants as well. Does this make a difference or do you have to be all natural? Thanxs and if you are in Vegas please stop by. I'd luv to give you a free lap dance. You look cute.

1:19 PM

Anonymous Jessica Albert said...

I am a 44 DD big breasted woman, all natural. As you can probably tell my greatest asset is my beautiful lucious boobs. I sent you some nasty pics of me in a little see through tank top with whipped cream and chocolate on my nippes a few days ago and haven't heard back. Maybe these pics were a little dirty for you so if they are let me know. I will send some that are a little tamer, but just as hot. These pics will make you and your audience beg for more Jesman.

11:19 AM

Anonymous Bridget Colpoer said...

This contest is so antifeminist. You are a pig for doing this. It is this type of shit that gives women a bad name. I am disgusted of the girls who have sent you pictures and are posting comments on your blog. You are treating women like objects and sending them back to the 18th century. I am good looking but I don't use my looks to get ahead. I use my brains. Pig - you should be ashamed of yourself.

11:08 AM

Anonymous Samantha Rox said...

Hi Jesman! I am a 44 year old divorced mother of two. I am horny as all shit. If you've ever seen Desparate Housewives -- I am so desparate and so willing for you Jesman. And I want to send you erotic pics of me in the garden. As my last name suggests, I will rock your world. I want it bad, nice and slow. I like to ride Harleys and guys who ride Harleys. Please post my sexy pics I send you – I want to be Jesmans Babe Blog of 2005.

10:18 AM

Blogger Jesman said...

Bring on the pics!

6:49 PM

Anonymous Sandra Slick said...

I just sent you pics of me dressed in my "Christmas outfit" (a red satin teddy with white trim) -- these pics will have you begging for more. Mmmmmmmmmm, can you feel it Jesman? I have a talent for turning gay men straight. If you post my pics you won't be sorry. I bet all your viewers will want me for Christmas.

7:42 AM

Anonymous Jerry Vincent said...

Dude, I don't know who Sandra Slick is but post pics of her now. I want to eat candy out of her ass!

6:47 AM

Anonymous Kimberly Lexon said...

Hello Jesman,

I want to be your blog babe for 2005. I have been finger blasted more times than you can ever imagine. If I win, I will let you finger blast me.

12:38 PM

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Anonymous Ulga Uramonovaic said...

Hi is contest still running? I try to send email to email address and it bounce back. I am from ukraine. I want to come america and be ur wife! I will do anything to make husband happy!!

10:37 AM


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